Monday, February 20, 2012

The Boy Blunder and the Alien

The Boy Blunder and the Alien
Review of Red Hood & The Outlaws #6
By: Andrew Hines

The resurrected Robin meets the former Teen Titan for the first time, as we see the true origins of this motley crew of vigilantes.

Thankfully we also get a new sense of who Starfire, aka Princess Koriand'r (Kori), really is.  After the new and much morerevealing costume that she displayed in the first issue as well as her "new" personality, there was a bit of uproar from fans. Thankfully we've seen quite a bit of ret-con explanations for behavior and costume design. Seeing these two together and interacting is also a ret-con in and of itself as it compares to a panel in December of 1980's New Teen Titans #2. I love that this issue is both new and retro at the same time. There are a lot of references to earlier issues and series'. For that we can thank both the writer and artist for giving us close to the full comic geek experience in one issue.

Writer Scott Lobdell has done a good job of bringing the old in with the new. He hasn't thrown out anything that we can geek out on. There are references to many past events and probably the most realistic interaction between characters this side of any story scripted by Geoff Johns. For my money, this is actually one of the best books about member of the extended Batman Family. We get plenty of looks at the past in both Kori and Jason's flashback panels. Lobdell did a great job on general scripting and dialogue.

Once again, Kenneth Rocafort brings a very distinctive style to this title. It fits the characters wonderfully and adds a bit of sleek style to Red Hood's otherwise fairly boring and mis-matched costume. Going back to the costumes, it was nice to see the throw-back Nightwing costume, though slightly updated. Though the issue was much more expository than anything, there was still a bit of really good art. 

Though not the best issue in terms of action, this is still a pretty good issue. Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort have earned this issue an 8.6 out of 10.

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