Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Avengers vs X-Men part 1

Remember the 90's X-Men cartoon where Jean Grey, the telepathic redhead gets possessed by a fiery bird of death, destruction and all kinds of crazy? Well, Marvel's got good news and bad news on that. First up, she may have been reincarnated as Cyclops' adopted grand-daughter, Hope Summers, who has been speculated to be the Mutant Messiah.

Now with the Phoenix Force coming to claim its latest host, the Avengers want to control this force of Cosmic power. Unfortunately they plan to do that by taking Hope onto their custody. Being the X-Men, they're not about to let that happen. Cyclops (Scott Summers) believes that she may be the key to bringing the mutant population back to its former glory.

Avengers vs X-Men will be a mini-series collected in various titles bi-monthly. So far, it looks to be promising. Unfortunately that means we all need to start choosing sides. Personally, I'm going with the X-Men

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