Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Bat is Back and Better Than Ever

The Bat is Back
Review of Detective Comics #1
By: Andrew Hines

            Batman: Detective Comics delivers what is essentially a classic tale of the Caped Crusader.  Set just five to seven years after Bruce Wayne first donned his trademark cape and cowl, readers are thrust headlong into the criminal melting pot that is Gotham City.  Still a vigilante in Gotham, the Dark Knight’s only ally is Police Commissioner Jim Gordon.  Younger fans will finally get a glimpse of Jeremiah Arkham, the man who built and now runs Arkham Asylum, the maximum security facility that the city’s criminally insane call home.  Unfortunately in this new Gotham, a brand new villain known as the Dollmaker is on the loose, though Batman seems unaware of his presence.  The first pages are a mad dash to get to the Joker before he harms another innocent life.  Though he only appears once, it is his actions at the end of the issue that will leave fans speechless. This truly is the quintessential Batman story and a perfect point to jump into the action.

            A talented writer by any means, Tony S. Daniel hits his mark at every turn in this modern take on the classic Detective Comics.  This takes me back to the original stories of the Caped Crusader by creator Bob Kane.  The story and pacing are wonderful.  So much better than Justice League, it’s amazing that these stories came from the same company.  Daniel’s writing just gets straight to the action and the essence of the story.  This issue reminds you exactly how Batman gained his reputation, both as the World’s Greatest Detective and as the Caped Crusader.  It really gets to the source of what Batman is all about.
            The artwork, also by Daniel, shows off the newer look for the Dark Knight Detective.  The more technological twist is apparent in the design.  Crisp and clean, there’s no mistaking that Daniel is a true double-threat in the comics industry and both of his talents are clearly featured.  With such shining talents, which is pretty handy in a city as dark as Gotham, I look forward to more from Mr. Daniel. 

            I hope for great things from the entire creative team on this one.  I have to give this one a 9.2 out of 10.

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