Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The World's Greatest Heroes Start Back at #1

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash have been built up to astronomical proportions in our hearts and minds since our grandparents were children. We all know the names and origins of our favorite heroes. From the Last Son of Krypton and the Caped Crusader to the Amazon Princess, we have connections to the characters. These types of heroes from our wildest fantasies and most enduring hopes have fueled our imaginations since as far back as we could remember.
Very soon, however, all of our memories will be re-written as the company that created the World’s Greatest Heroes reboots its entire history in one shot. Anyone who grew up knowing anything about Superman or Green Lantern will certainly be thrown for a loop starting August 31st. The first new #1, Justice League, came out on that day.
Just so we’re clear, this isn’t your daddy’s DC Comics.
Thankfully the heroes that we know and love, including the mentors and inspiration for many of the Justice League are going to be back in a big way. DC Comics is about to launch a company-wide restart on 52 titles. No company has ever attempted this before, which leaves the world’s comic nerds on the edge of their seats. A large part of the reason is because DC has been locked in legal battles with the creators’ heirs over the rights to the Man of Steel. This re-launch and minor reinterpretation of the characters should help them in the courtroom. According to press releases from the DC department heads, re-launching all titles of the company will give them a venue to negate all non-canon material. This will allow them to breathe new life into characters whose essence have been diluted, altered or exaggerated over the decades by various writers. It’s also a great way to bring characters into the 21st century.
There will most definitely be changes as Lois Lane will be of-limits to Clark Kent/Superman for a while since she has a boyfriend, as is evident in the preview pages of Superman #1. Batman and his son Damien will now make up the Dynamic Duo, with all of the former Robins having their own titles. While the “new” Batman and Robin pairing will be slightly unsettling for returning readers, there’s also the lack of explanation for how the original Batgirl’s paralysis gets left in the dust.  With all of these changes, DC has recently announced that they are keeping the old guard in place in the form of the Justice Society. Their ranks include the Golden Age versions of Flash, Green lantern and Wildcat, the guy who taught Batman, Catwoman and Superman the art of boxing.
With all things considered, the reboot of an entire comics universe looks to be an event that will reshape the pop culture we’ve come to know and launch us into a new world full of excitement, modern mythology and instant classics. If you’ve never read a comic book or if you’ve been a life-long fan of the other guys, this is the time to dive into the world of DC Comics.
You can thank me later.
Here, for your convenience, is a link to DC Comics The Source blog:

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