Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Aquaman vs Aqua...things

Aquaman vs Aqua...things
Review of Aquman #2
By: Andrew Hines

     I know what you're thinking; It's Aquaman, what's the worst thing he could be going up against, an angry swarm of Sea Monkeys?

     As an answer to the question, enter the Trench.  This race of deep sea predators look like the love child of a deep-sea angler fish and the Predator.  Add to that the voracious tendencies of a piranha, and you've pretty much got the best and worst sea monsters ever.  Forget the Kraken, the giant squid or the Leviathan.  Moby Dick and Jaws are just more food to these guys.  I've got a strong feeling that these guys will be around for a while.

     Geoff Johns hits another home run with Aquaman #2.  Not only do we see a new view of Aquaman and more of his personality, but we get a good look at Mera as well.  Once again misunderstood and underrated by the general populace, he finally has a fan who has recruited him.  We get to see some more information from his past and a tease of a possible new villain.  It is apparent that Mera is far more vicious than Arthur might ever be.  So thank you for that Mr Johns.  Geeks everywhere need another firey red-head to rally behind.

     Ivan Reis' art is just phenomenal.  From the cover image to the final page, we see nothing short of amazing work.  I'm hard pressed to find anything wrong with any panel.  I'm not used to seeing Aquaman as a badass, but Mr Reis may have changed that.  No longer "the other Namor," his new look comes across as the underdog you love to root for.  Again, Mera is exactly what I've wanted to see in DC for a long time.  Now that we finally have the perfect template for her, I suspect we'll be seeing quite a bit more.

     Geoff and Ivan are a perfect team. Sorry Mr Lee, but you may have met your match. This gets a 9.5 out of 10.

Cover of Aquaman #2:

Interior page of Aquaman #2:

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