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Catching Up On Your Flash Facts

Catching Up On Your Flash Facts
Review of Flash #2
By: Andrew Hines

     Here's a Flash Fact: Things just got a LOT more complicated for Barry Allen.

     This comic has everything that the debut issue had, including some awesome throwback nods to such things as his relationship with Iris West.  It should be no secret that I'm a huge Flash fan, especially of Barry Allen, the Silver Age hero.  That being said, this follow-up issue is actually better than the first.  We have a few things cleared up and get fewer questions than answers here.  There are nods to the old DC and an actual reference to the Speed Force.  There are allusions to the Cosmic Treadmill, a device which allows Barry to travel through and possibly alter time.  The last time this device was actually used was in the last issue of Flashpoint, which saw Barry "fixing" the timeline that he unwittingly created, resulting in the DCnU we have now.

     As a writer, Francis Manapul has given us two great issues that get back to exactly why we love Barry Allen as the Flash.  He's a great mixture of all the other Justice Leaguers, which Manapul uses to full advantage.  You see the shy side (Martian Manhunter) and his more analytical/scientific mind (Batman) on the same pages.  A little later you'll see his child-like demeanor (Green Lantern) juxtaposed with his hopeful side (Superman) in a way that most other writers haven't portrayed him in recent years.  Okay, since he was gone for close to 25 years, there haven't really been many "recent" writers. The point is, he give us a fresh, yet classic take on Barry.

     Brian Buccellato's artwork exemplifies Barry Allen's look down to the lightning bolt logo.  From the buildings of Central City to the grooves connecting the pieces of his costume, nothing out of place or mis-proportioned.  Whether in his Flash suit or in civilian garb, Barry looks about the same as always.  All of the visual effects and panel layouts are wonderful.  Then there are the pages in which Barry realizes how quickly his brain is working.  Those "isolated" page set-ups are perfect.

     Manapul and Buccellato are a wonderful team and I'm looking forward to more fantastic issues from them.  This deserves a 9.2 out of 10.

Cover of Flash #2:
Interior page of Flash #2:

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