Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birth of a Hero

Birth of a Hero
Review of Grifter #2
By: Andrew Hines

     What does a former soldier turned professional con artist do when he can suddenly hear alien voices in his head?  If he's Cole Cash, he waits for the hunters to find their prey so he can turn the tables.  When we left Mr. Cash, he was making the choice to take the fight to his enemies.  Knowing that he was a soldier, it is much easier to understand how he handled himself on the plane.  We also see how he is able to effectively evade law enforcement and the military.

     Nathan Edmondson brings more to the table in this second issue.  We discover that Cole was a Black Ops member for several years before becoming a matchstick man.  We get to know more about Grifter in this issue, though he may have gotten a little too used to the voices in his head at this point.  The basic story structure is solid, especially compared to the first issue.  Given that the first pages of the premier issue looked like a scene from the Lost series, it's nice to finally see something you can actually follow.

     Cafu wows again with fantastic artwork and wonderful panel set ups.  I have seen no discrepancies with design continuity or page layout.  He definitely gets points for that.  The style is consistent and action scenes are beautiful.

     Going back to the "Lost-ness" of #1, if this ends up being a bad dream because he hit his head or the daemonites turn into smoke monsters, I will officially give up on this title.  Thankfully I don't see that happening unless JJ Abrams becomes a writer, so the comic gets an 8.9 out of 10.

Cover of Grifter #2:

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