Wednesday, October 19, 2011

(Death)Stroke of Luck

(Death)Stroke of Luck
Review of Deathstroke #2
By: Andrew Hines

     Let's do a recap, shall we? When last we met our hero, er...villain, he had just finished a mid-air smash-and-grab and executed his former accomplices.  "Just how does he do all of this and sleep so soundly," you might ask? The answer would be, "With decades of practice."  We now find Slade Wilson in the back of a secret bar facing down certain death with a grin on his face and a room full of hired guns looking for the bounty on his head.

     This is what our writer Kyle Higgins throws at us in the first few pages.  In this issue we briefly see an extra new villain and a comic full of fight scenes.  All the while we get crisp dialogue and some decent narration.  We still have yet to see anything really personal about the character.  Barring some minor expository dialogue, there's really nothing to show in regards to a motivation.  If you want to see any of his family however, pick up the issues of Superboy and look for Rose Wilson.

     Artist Joe Bennett is still quite skilled and manages to make Deathstroke more intimidating than usual.  This is quite impressive, given who we're talking about.  Thankfully the size of his sword has been scaled down a bit so he doesn't seem to be compensating for anything anymore.  At least with all the action, he gets to prove his mettle and that he's not a Rob Liefeld* waiting to happen.

     The second issue is more action-packed and even carries over from the premier issue.  Because of that, the rest of the writing and the artwork, it gets crazy points.  Some are taken away for not adding any backstory or personal information.  That makes this an 8.0 out of 10.

Deathstroke #2 Cover:
Deathstroke #2 Page 5:

*    I defy anyone to prove without a doubt that Rob Liefeld is worthy of being an artist.  Trust me, you can't.

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