Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Deal With A Devil

Deal With A Devil
Review of Green Lantern #2
By: Andrew Hines

     How far would you go to bring back the good in your life?  This is the decision Hal Jordan must make in the second issue of the renumbered Green Lantern series.  Having been stripped of his ring before the reboot, Jordan was replaced by his nemesis and mentor, Thaal Sinestro of the planet Korugar.  At the end of GL #1, Sinestro offers Hal a chance to become a member of the Corps once again.  Now factoring in their "turbulent" history, it's sort of a difficult thing to process.  Imagine your greatest enemy offering to return to you the greatest weapon in the universe and your first thought will most likely be, "What's the catch?" In this case, it's that Hal has to do whatever Sinestro tells him to do.

This is what Geoff Johns brings us in to the story with. The writing is once again sharp and the dialogue fitting of the characters. There's just enough there to link to the past but also to give hints as to where the first arc of the series is going. We see plenty of action and a portion of Sinestro's disdain for Hal and where it comes from. These little bits are part of why Johns is as celebrated as he is.

Doug Mahnke shows more great artwork, though, there are more close-ups, so it's not really that fair. The action shots are better as are the backgrounds.  The colors could be better, though the story sort of makes up for it.

This issue receives an 8.9 out of 10.

Cover art for Issue 2:

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