Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rebirth of the Scarlet Speedster

Rebirth of the Scarlet Speedster
Review of Flash #1
By: Andrew Hines

     The Fastest Man Alive hits his mark in record time.  For those of you who don't know, shame on you,  Barry Allen is the Scarlet Speedster.  While working a case as a police scientist, or CSI for all of you tv-loving crowd, a lightning bolt struck a rack of chemicals which doused him and gave him super speed.  Becoming the Flash, Central City's resident crime-fighter, he is a symbol of hope for both innocents and super heroes alike.  He even wore a Blue Lantern ring (the energy of Hope) during the events of Blackest Night.  As fans learned last year, Barry is also the generator of the energy well known as the Speed Force where all speedsters draw their power.  With each step he takes, Barry adds to the energy of the Speed Force, meaning that he truly is the "Father of All Speedsters."

     Pulling double-duty, Francis Manapul is both the writer and artist of Flash.  I have been a fan of Manapul for a few years now, since his tenure on Legion of Super-Heroes and Green Lantern Corps.  One of the few artists who can also write well, Manapul's obvious talent shines through.  The artwork The new design (aka fitted, flexible armor) is quite interesting, as is the story of the first issue.  He manages to keep things modern and fresh by referring to everyday issues such as traffic and renewable energy.  Those two are actually rolled up into one thing.  Read the issue, if you don't believe me.

     Flash is one of my favorite comics, so it feels great to say that this issue is deserving of a 9.0 out of 10.

Francis Manapul's cover:

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