Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Prelude to Fighting a Mirror

A Prelude to Fighting a Mirror
Review of Nightwing #1
By: Andrew Hines

     Holy mistaken identity, Batman!

     For some reason, we see new hired muscle gunning for Dick Grayson and all he wants . . . is his head.  Now the former Boy Wonder is stuck between a rock and a hard place as his alter ego fights for the life of the man under the mask.  From what this assassin Saiko has told him, Dick Grayson is the fiercest killer in Gotham.  This is certainly news to the last surviving member of the Flying Graysons.  Now the younger half of the original Dynamic Duo must carefully juggle his two lives or lose them both.

     Kyle Higgins brings a heaping helping of talent to the second issue of Nightwing. There's mystery suspense and action in a book that shows several sides of Dick Grayson and finally speaks of his past.  Higgins brings out the big guns in this follow-up to Nightwing's "return" to his own title.  The dialogue and narration flow as well as any book involving a member of the Batman Family.

     Eddy Barrows artwork is great once again.  Either in the heat of a battle or a static pose, he shines.  His pencils capture the lithe movements of a born acrobat and classic hero.  You can see in the faces he illustrates just how much love he puts into his craft.  I can safely say that Eddy Barrows should be around for quite a while as an artist in the DCnU.  If he continues to hone his skills, in a few short years, the results should speak for themselves.

     With Higgins and Barrows working together, this title should blah, blah, blah . . . just go buy it already. This is issue earns an 8.9 out of 10 for artwork and story.

Cover of Nightwing #2:

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